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Themes for the Orbit 2016


  1. Composting and anaerobic digestion technologies and processes
  2. Separate collection of biowaste
  3. Food waste prevention
  4. Biobased economy and the biorefinery concept
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  6. MBT: technologies and products
  7. Energy recovery from biomass / Biofuels
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  9. EU policies and strategies for sustainable organic resources and waste management – the challenge of Circular Economy
  10. Climate change, LCA and decision support tools
  11. Facility management, safety, odours and environmental impacts
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  13. Quality of Compost and Digestate / and Risk Assessment
  14. Compost and Digestate use, soil organic matter management, peat replacement
  15. Sewage sludge treatment and reuse
  16. Animal waste and manures
  17. Agricultural and agro-industrial waste

  19. Smart Cities for waste management
  20. Case studies, Country studies, Developing countries issues
  21. Waste management in the EU LIFE programme

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Excursion May 28th 2016

Selected, high quality papers will be published in Special Issues of the Journals Waste and Resource Management of ICE and Global Nest Journal, after peer-review. Discussions for more special issues are undergoing.

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